About The Composer

George Lincoln

Composer and Singer.

George Lincoln is a Composer and Classical Singer from the UK. His work has been performed at theatres and multimedia exhibitions around the UK such as The Anvil Theatre (Basingstoke), and Faith In Strangers (Margate). His compositions often feature electronic instruments and modern music production techniques, inspired by his love of the Science Fiction genre.

As well as composing, George has sung in numerous choirs such as the London Oriana Choir and Wessex Youth Choir, and has performed in Venues such as Winchester Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, and Turner Simms Concert Hall (Southampton). He was also a cast member in productions of Anything Goes (2017) and Guys and Dolls (2018) at the Theatre Royal, Winchester.


From time to time, George has also given music lessons and masterclasses. His areas of teaching specialism include:

– Electronic Film Scores
– ‘In The Box’ Music Making
– Music Supervision and Temp Tracking
– Vocal Music and Production

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